How do I earn DINE rewards?

1. Get access to Plato Eats app (not publicly available at the moment, join Discord to find out how to get access)
2. Check-into a restaurant of your choice. Capture photo / short video review of dishes ate. Capture receipt to claim DINE token rewards. Make sure you capture an itemized receipt to get bonus rewards.
3. In app, you can redeem DINE tokens for food, prizes, and more!

Can I discover new restaurants?

Yes. Discover new restaurants with our dish search. Most of the time, we crave certain dishes so you can now search for things like gluten-free pasta and there will be a list of restaurants. Unlike Google Maps where it searches through the reviews, Plato search because your fellow Plato users have meticulously reviewed and tagged dishes (gluten-free, vegan, nut-free) so result is more relevant.

What are the different Plato Membership and why do I need them?

There are five different membership levels. Upon first sign up, you automatically become a Plato Starter Member! If you own 1 or more of our digital Tables collectables, you are auto upgraded from Plato Starter Member to Plato Adventurer Member or higher. Please see below.
Different membership levels receives different perks, but rest assure that you can start earning rewards with our Plato Starter Membership!

What can I do with DINE ?

You can redeem for food at Plato Partner Restaurants, redeem for monetary value and prizes. Follow us on twitter or join our discord to get the latest.