Plato Eats Pass

Unlock new ways to get paid, just by eating!

What does Plato Eats Pass give Plato Users?

With a Plato Eats Pass, Plato users can earn 30% cashback. If you upgrade a Plato Eats Pass to Rocket Level, you will get 40% cashback. If you upgrade a Plato Eats Pass to Moon Level, you will get 50% cashback + you will be able to get into exclusive restaurants that otherwise would require weeks of waiting! See Grid 1 for more.

Grid 1

* Indicated cashback % is with in-network restaurants on Plato, which is visible in the app. When dining at an out-of-network restaurant, with a Plato Eats Pass Season 1, the minimum is 10%

** Estimation with assumption on number of times dined per week and average spending amount.

All cashback will be in FAT Dollars before the Token Generation Event (TGE). Post TGE, cashback will be in USDC/USDT/ Stable coin. Post TGE - GRID 1 is subject to change as $FAT Token will be in effect.

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