๐Ÿš€How we solve scaling?

Turn online/virtual community into hyperlocal IRL food community

Background: Mental Model of Plato Expansion (scaling) to Blockchain Protocol Growth

Similar to how a new Layer 1 (L1) protocol expands its network, Plato's innovative IRL City Expansion adopts a community-led and decentralized approach. In the context of an L1 protocol, an IRL city is analogous to a node. To incentivize the growth of nodes, L1 protocols offer rewards to node runners for the work they perform in maintaining the network.

In a similar vein, Plato incentivizes its Plato Pioneers in each city to actively participate in the platform. Plato Pioneers check in at participating IRL restaurants and capture receipts as proof of purchase, thereby contributing to the work of the Plato protocol. In return, users are rewarded with cashback in the form of FAT Dollars. This reward system is akin to the BTC / ETH earned by node runners in L1 protocols, recognizing the value of the work performed by Plato users.

For Local Community, Byย Local Community

Through its unique IRL City Expansion, Plato fosters a sense of community, encourages engagement, and drives real-world adoption of its platform. As a Plato user increases involvement and value contribution, on-chain reputation will be rewarded to those users. On-chain reputation badges are not just symbols of status but are integral to the voting process within the DAO. This ensures that only those with a proven track record of contribution can influence the direction and policies of the local Plato community.

Each local Plato City DAO will be governed by the members of the Plato community, allowing Plato "citizens" to have direct say in the development and the direction of the platform for their local city. The Plato City DAO will be a testament to Plato's commitment to decentralization and community empowerment.

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