How we scale with web3 superpower

web3 style scaling solution

There have been tons of talks about Decentralized Social Networks via Blockchains, but most social networks currently out there (web2 and web3) are actually not very social in the sense of bringing people together IRL.

Bring local people together. IRL

What Plato is trying to do is to bring together virtual communities in IRL local cities via its on-chain reputations and rewards mechanism around the local restaurants.

This coordination is not only recognizing members of the community who are contributing to the Plato network through online reputation roles (referring other new users, adding new restaurant merchants into Plato) but with the intention to create a local DAO (aka Plato City DAO) that will ultimately govern how the Plato community will be managed in that local city.

The Plato City DAO is composed of local Plato users who have earned their positions through consistent contributions and engagement with the platform. These contributions are tracked and validated through Platoโ€™s on-chain reputation system, ensuring that the most active and dedicated users are given a voice in the governance of their local community.

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