Where can you Eat and Earn?

You can eat and earn pretty much any city in the world and ANY restaurant. If you can find it on Google Map, you can Eat and Earn with Plato Eats dApp.

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app from https://getplato.app/start - it will point you to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store app store, if you click from mobile.

What is a Season?

A Plato Eats Season is a period of approximately 100 days when Plato Eats dApp users can earn $FAT Dollar cash back anywhere between minimum of 10% to maximum of 50% when going out to eat. The rate of $FAT Dollar cash back depends where you are dining. Please check Grid 1 for more info.

Cashback Levels

In-Network Cashback - Rate of cashback as stipulated in the season pass can be enjoyed when dining on restaurants within the designated in-network location. For Season 1 cashback rate, check Grid 1 for more info.

During Season 1, most restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam are In-Network. Please download Plato Eats dApp for individual restaurant earning rate.

Out-of-Network Cashback- Users owning a season pass enjoys minimum 10% cashback when dining on restaurants outside the designated in-network location.

Airdrop Bonus

At the end of the season, depending on which level of Plato Eats Pass, you will receive $FAT Dollar airdrop, check Grid 1 for more info.

Time to earn back

This is an approximate number of weeks to earn back the cost of the season pass when a user dines at least twice a week during the season. Note, only an approximation.

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