Plato is a restaurant marketing platform that rewards everyday eaters for creating photo/video reviews of their restaurant experiences. The rewards are powered by restaurant marketing spend on Plato, where 70% of the marketing spend from restaurants goes to consumers. By doing this, Plato amplifies the word-of-mouth effect for restaurants.
We designed a sustainable tokenomics as we taps into the existing $1 trillion dollar restaurant market (in the US alone) to have a sustainable source of $DINE token rewards.

How does this work?

1. Get access to Plato Eats app (not publically available at the moment, join Discord to find out how to get access)
2. Check-into a restaurant of your choice. Capture photo / short video review of dishes ate. Capture receipt to claim DINE token rewards.
3. In app, you can redeem DINE tokens for food, prizes, and more!
Redeem for food, prizes, and much more! Follow us on [Twitter to get the latest](https://twitter.com/Plato2Earn).

Which restaurants can I earn while I eat?

As long as the restaurant is available on Google Maps / Yelp! or Foursquare Place API - you will be able to find those restaurant locations in the Plato Eats app.
Does this mean that restaurants don't need to be part of the Plato ecosystem / network for me to create review content and get rewards?
That is correct! However, if you are a restaurant owner - we got BIG plans for you in the second half of the game. [Reach out to us](https://getplato.app/restaurant.html) we love to have you in the Plato ecosystem!

How do I get access to the app?

If you are holder of our Plato Foodies NFT collection, you will be able to get early access. If you are not, you will have to be invited. Join our discord to find out how you can get on our Priority Access list.

How will you verify that I as a Plato user is actually eating to earn at an IRL restaurant?

When you earn while you eat with our Plato app, the app checks on GPS of you location to match the restaurant that you indicate that you are eating at. Check out our tutorial video
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