๐Ÿš€Plato's Mission

IRL foot traffic + Unique Data Set

Platoโ€™s mission

Since Day 1 (Summer of 2022) - we have been on the mission to bring consumer into IRL restaurant for in-person dining (higher margins for restaurant owners). Our Eat2Earn reward mechanics boosts foot traffic for eateries, benefiting Plato users, local restaurants, and their communities alikeโ€”a triple win!

Along the way...

The world has shifted... into the world of AI.

So inadvertently, the unique dataset the Plato users and community members have been "collecting": user-generated-content (UGC) around our food (food pics, reviews), backed by purchase receipt, has been getting lots of attention.

With this unique data set, we enable our AskPlato Connoisseur to answer "restaurant near me" with instant insights. Goodbye to old way of finding a restaurant, and Goodbye to reading reviews!

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