Unlock 10 cities in 3 Seasons in 2024

The goal of Season 1 to 3 will be to unlock a total of 10 cities around the world.

Having Plato Seasons gives us the ability to focus and target within a specific time frame. Typically, a Season will last 90 to 100 days. By purchasing a Plato Eats Season Pass for a specific Season, Plato users are taking the first step in unlocking the city they are in.

As part of our Flywheel, the proceeds users spend to buy Plato Eats Season Pass are used to fund specific local initial marketing budget that we will issue to the local restaurants for running their very FIRST campaign on Plato. This is similar to web2 companiesโ€™ tactic of giving customers a free trial (think Google Ads giving $100 to advertisers for running their first campaign).

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