Tell a fren and get Referral Earning

Multi-level Networking!

Stacked Referral Earning

To expand within a city, we want to add new users from existing users via referral.

When a Plato user (letโ€™s call this person Foodies 0) refers someone (Foodie 1) to Plato in her city, Foodies 0 will have 5% share of what Foodie 1 earns in cashback. If Foodie 1 also refers another person (Foodies 2) to Plato, Foodies 0 5% share of Foodie 1 include Foodie 1 share of Foodies 2.

Limits and Conditions

In order to keep this affiliate earning going, Foodies 0 has to maintain certain activities in the Plato Eats dApp:

  1. Has to complete verified check-in at least twice a week

  2. Maintain 90% of cashback in 30 day balance (post TGE)

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