NFT Levelup

Plato membership members who have Plato NFTs can refer to below on how the Boost Rewards of DINE token earning can be enhanced.
The method for upgrading and gamifying a user's Plato Eats dApp experience still largely applies to users who own one or more Plato Table NFTs.

Tables Attributes

How users can boost DINE token earning during dining largely depends on the NFT Table attributes below.


In Solo Dining and Together Dining, Bankability affects $DINE token earning rate. The higher Bankability, the better $DINE earning rate per HungryMeter depleted.


The table durability affects how quickly the Table gets dirty, which decreases the Cleanliness level, which affects earning rate.


In both Solo Dining and Together Dining, the higher the comfort level the earning per HungryMeter level the user can earn in one seating.


In TablePairing (minting) - Fortune level determines Table workmanship quality and initial Table attributes when TablePairing. When we roll out FortuneCookies after dining, the contents of FortuneCookies is also determined by Fortune level.


As users eat with Table at a physical restaurant, Cleanliness level will decrease. This will affect the token payout rate. Users can spend tokens to clean a Table to bring Cleanliness level up for that particular Table.
Users can upgrade up to 6 seats for each Table regardless of type or workmanship (see below for more).
When a Table is minted, it is minted with 1 seat to a table.
There will be a lifetime cap on the number of Tables will be minted, and this includes Plato user minted tables.

Table Seats

Users can increase the number of seats in their Tables by spending (burn) $DINE. Seats plays an important role in Plato app:
Upgrade Points - When users buy more seats, users will receive 4 to 12 points to level up their Table Attributes. The exact number of points received depends on Workmanship of their Table.
Cost to add more seats is seat number x 2 $DINE. So the 2nd seat will cost 4 $DINE, the 3rd seat will cost 6 $DINE. When adding seats, it will take a fixed construction time for the seat upgrade to complete. Time to complete the seat upgrade will be increased with each additional upgraded seat.

Seat and Milestone Level Up

As user add more seats, there are different milestones that unlocks different Booster event
Level Up Milestone
Unlock Booster / Event
4th Seat + 1 Table Minimum
Unlocks Chopstick Booster Slot
7th Seat + 2 Table Minimum
Unlocks Table Pairing
10th Seat + 2 Table Minimum
Unlocks Community Dining Hosting
10th Seat + 2 Table Minimum
Unlocks Restaurant Ambassador Booster
15th Seat + 3 Table Minimum
Unlocks Spoon Booster Slot
18th Seat + 3 Table Minimum
Unlocks Knife Booster Slot
20th Seat + 4 Table Minimum
Unlocks Fork Booster Slot
25th Seat + 4 Table Minimum
Unlocks Table Extension Booster
When a user transfers or sells Table to another player, the seats that were assigned to the Table that was transferred or sold will now become unassigned. Consequently, according to Grid 1, any unlocked Booster Slot will be locked.
Seat count will remain with the user, and will automatically be assigned to a Table when the user decides to buy or mint a new Table.

Table Workmanship

Below are the 5 types of table workmanship types and the min and max initial base table attributes
Workmanship Types
Min Attribute
Max Attribute
Seat Level-up Points

Table Types

Plato users can select a NFT Table that matches the restaurant price range that they typically goes to. For example, Fast Food Table matches restaurants that are in the single **$** price category. Plato source price category data from Google Maps API.
Optimal Dining Locations
Base payout at optimal dining location
Optimal spend per seat (US Market)
Fast Food Table ($)
Fast food (McDonald's / Starbuck / bakery cafe / coffee shop)
2 $DINE / 1 HungerMeter Level
$8 - $15+
Fast Casual Food Table ($$)
Fast Casual Restaurant (Panera, local Diners, pizza restaurant)
4 $DINE / 1 HungerMeter Level
$14 - $21+
Casual Table ($$$)
Casual restaurants (local Sushi, Vietnamese, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants)
5 $DINE / 1 HungerMeter Level
$20 - $30+
Upscale Food Table (4x$)
Fine dining restaurants (Nobu, Ruth Chris)
6 $DINE / 1 HungerMeter Level
$28 - $45+
Omni Dining Table (1x$-4x$)
Fast food to fine dining restaurants
2 - 7 $DINE / 1 HungerMeter Level
$8 - $45+
Payout rate isn't linear, as mentioned above, and is directly affected by Bankability level, confirmed spending while dining, comfort level, cleanliness and more. Optimum payout can be achieved when a table used for dining matches the restaurant type.


FortuneCookies contains surprises that the users will enjoy and love! It may contain Boosters or Badges (see below). Chances of getting FortuneCookies after dining depends on the Fortune attribute.

Boosters and Badges

Boosters and Badges are elements that Plato players can use to enhance their DINE token earning abilities. There are boosters that attach to the player's Table assets, and there are boosters that attach to the account.

Cuisine Badge booster

Cuisine boosters can boost Bankability matching the cuisine type of the restaurant you go to and the badge you enable during dining. For example, if you dine at a Mexican restaurant and you enable the Mexican cuisine booster badge on your Table, this will boost Bankability for the dining session.

PFP Pairing with NFT Table

For PFP Holders, you can stake, pair your PFP with NFT Table to achieve Cuisine Booster. How does it work? Each table has 6 seats, for each seat, as long as you pair it with a PFP that is holding below, you can achieve DINE earning booster of 10% to 25%, depending on the existing table Bankability and other attributes. For example, if you are dining at a Chinese restaurant or Sushi restaurant, as long as you have 6 PFP that are holding Noodle or Dumpling traits, you will get the DINE earning boost.
While Bar is not a cuisine type, any 6 pairing of the 5 alcohol groups will be boosting bar visits.
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