Base rewards

When user checks-in via Plato Eats dApp, capture receipt, users can earn base rewards. If user checks-into a restaurant for the first time, he or she is prompted to capture food picture. Subsequent visit to the same restaurant doesn't require food picture capture. Verified means that consumer has uploaded a receipt from the dining experience and have been validated by Plato's automatic anti-cheating mechanism.
See below image for more.
- Df (dining factor) below Df encapsulates the total spent and verified from receipt scan, the amount of DINE token reward will be directly related to how much is spent as well as Rf (see below)
- Rf (reputation factor) below encapsulates number of content reviews, followers, confirmed restaurants you have eaten at + number of likes, your spending at restaurants - which is total amount that you've spent at restaurant (scanned receipts) and total time spent eating at restaurant via Plato.