Plato is a restaurant marketing platform that rewards everyday eaters for creating photo/video reviews of their restaurant experiences. Rewards earned are powered by restaurant marketing spend on Plato. 70% of restaurant marketing spends are used to power the rewards eaters earn while create review content when dining. As a result, Plato amplifies restaurant’s word of mouth effect, which is the best form of marketing.

Business behind Plato

Behind the scene, Plato is an eater acquisition platform to help mom and pop restaurants to spend targeted ad dollars that directly rewards verified eaters. Our eater acquisition platform is akin to Yelp + Foursquare with tokens and NFT that gamifies and enhances the eater dining experience.

How it works

  1. Download Plato App
  2. Invite friends and family via app and dine-out (at any physical restaurant listed on Google Maps, where we source our data)
  3. Check-in, Review what you ate, capture receipt on Plato Eats dApp to confirm your DINE token rewards activity as you break-bread with friends.

Last updated: March 2023