This section is for Foodies PFP Holders (Minted on MagicEden Launchpad on Dec 02, 2022).

Claiming of NFT Table with your PFPs

As we announced on Discord in December, PFP holders will be able to claim 1 NFT Table for every 3 PFP staked. Once claimed, PFP is committed to be staked for 100 days before it can be unstaked (Thawed).

The worksmanship of the NFT Table will be determined by the type of the rarity/rank of the 3 PFPs. As you can see from GRID 1 below, if you have 3 PFP of the same ranking range, you will receive a NFT Table with below workmanship. The lowest rank of the PFP will be used to deteremine the worksmanship of 3 PFP are not of the same rarity range. For example, if you have 3 PFPs with ranking of 4, 40, 4230, during the claiming process, you will receive a NFT Table with Standard workmanship because the lowest rank is 4230 which is Standard workmanship.

If you have a PFP holding a PHONE (Trait: “Plato App”), you can pair with any ranking to get Impeccable.


NFT Table Workmanship Ranking Range Low Ranking Range High
Standard 4001 8888
Fine 1001 4000
Elite 501 1000
Superior 101 500
Impeccable 1 100

Ranking of your PFP is displayed under each of the PFP you own in our staking / claiming site (, once you connect your wallet.

Pairing of PFP with your NFT Table

For PFP Holders, you can stake, pair your PFP with NFT Table to achieve Cuisine Booster. How does it work? Each table has 6 seats, for each seat, as long as you pair it with a PFP that is holding below, you can achieve DINE earning booster of 10% to 25%, depending on the existing table Bankability and other attributes. For example, if you are dining at a Chinese restaurant or Sushi restaurant, as long as you have 6 PFP that are holding Noodle or Dumpling traits, you will get the DINE earning boost.


Cuisine Pairing AND/OR Pairing AND/OR  
American Large Burger AND Regular Fries    
Bakery Vanilla Slice OR Choco Slice OR Popsicle
Barbecue Large Burger        
Chinese Noodles AND Dumpling    
Coffee Coffee OR Mocha OR Milk Shake
Desserts Vanilla Slice OR Choco Slice OR Popsicle
French Regular Fries        
Hamburger Regular Burger        
Indian Noodles AND Dumpling    
Italian Pizza        
Japanese Noodles AND Dumpling    
Mexican Egg Toast AND Large Drink    
Pizza Pizza        
Seafood Fizzy AND Beer    
Steak Large Burger AND Red Wine    
Sushi Noodles OR Dumpling    
Thai Noodles OR Dumpling    

While Bar is not a cuisine type, any if you have A.A. Club (pairing Whiskey, Tequila, Beer, Red Wine, Fizzy, Champagne), it will boost your DINE earning at bar visits.