Below still largely applies to the current version of Plato Eats dApp as we moved from private beta and beyond.

DINE Token - Supply and Earning (v1)

DINE has an unlimited supply and is earned after confirmed dining according to the dining modes above.

Utility and External Demand for DINE

Restaurants buy DINE as advertising credits in order feature its listing within Plato Eats mobile application.


DINE is burned in the following events, broken into different categories.


  • Pay DINE to clean Table
  • Minting new NFT Table
  • Pay DINE to add more Seats
  • Buying Utensil Boosters
  • Transfer of a dining table to a different user
  • Pay DINE as sinks for eating at mis-matched restaurant compared with table type
  • Pay DINE for speeding up minting cool down periods
  • Pay DINE for speeding up Seat level up cool down periods
  • Pay DINE for messaging people nearby (socialFi elements)

Rare Collectables

  • Pay DINE to buy Cuisine Badges instead of earning it by going to bunch of restaurants of the same cuisine
  • Pay DINE to buy a Avatar for their profile pic (for social)


  • Donate DINE to charity like Independent Restaurant Coalition