DINE Token Earning Calculation Rules (v1)

D(t) = Plato Earnings for table owner

D(nt) = Plato earnings for non-table owner, dining with table owner in TogetherDining

T = Table Attributes Coefficient (Table Type)

C = Comfort Attributes

F = Fortune

SD = Developer Adjustment, subject to change

B = Bankability

DW = DayOfTheWeek Multiplier

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
DW Multiplier 2 3 2 2 1.5 RNDBWT(1,4) 2

CL = Cleanliness Adjustment Factor

Percent < 80 % <= 50% <= 15%
CL Adjustment Factor 0.9 0.5 0.1

H = HungeryMeter = INT(H/5)

WAB = Wallet Average Balance - Average $DINE wallet balance % (this will take effect after 5 earning events)

DS = Optimal In-dining Spend - if per seat spend is within the average - user will earn at optimal rate


Types Optimal Dining Locations Optimal spend per seat (US)
Fast Food Table ($) Fast food (McDonald’s / Starbuck) / bakery cafe / coffee shop $8 - $15+
Fast Casual Food Table ($$) Fast Casual Restaurant (Panera, local Diners, pizza restaurant) $14 - $21+
Casual Table ($$$) Casual restaurants (local Sushi, Vietnamese, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants) $20 - $30+
Upscale Food Table (4x$) Fine dining restaurants (Nobu, Ruth Chris) $28 - $45+
Omni Dining Table ($ - 4x$) Fast food to fine dining restaurants $8 - $45+

HungerMeter Rules

HungerMeter refills 25% every 6 hours. By having more seats at Table increases HungerMeter, see below. A point in HungerMeter equates to 1 minute of earnings and during the earnings period, every minute reduces HungerMeter by 1.


# of Seat at Table HungerMeter Dining Earn Time
1 10 10 mins
3 20 20 mins
7 45 45 mins
10 60 60 mins
25 100 100 mins

Confirm Spending at Restaurant

As long as the receipt is validated and verify, DINE token reward calculation will factor in how much you’ve spent at the restaurants. Note - we will no longer be using credit card to verify confirmed dining. (Updated Dec 2022)

Anti-cheating Checks

Plato leverages the following to way to curb cheating behaviors:

  1. Simcard (not voip) based phone number at sign up
  2. Device GPS and motion sensors
  3. Metadata from images
  4. ML to detect pattern for red flags during all modes of dining
  5. ML verification of Food Selfie photos submitted during dining sessions
  6. ML verification of dining receipts for SoloDining mode
  7. Credit card, bank card transaction verification for TogetherDining mode

Devices with voip phone number, jailbroken, rooted, or non-verified OS will not work with Plato app and potentially result in penalty.

Tariffs and Fees

Plato will be charging fees for in-app activities, see below for more details.


In-App Activities Tariffs / Fees
Marketplace Trading Fee 2%
Marketplace Origination Fee 4%
Table-Minting 7%
Physical Table Reservation / In-app ordering (coming soon) 1%