Restaurant industry is a trillion market, but for individual restaurant operator, it is a razor thin margin business. The ability to consistently find and attract eaters cost effectly is critical. Unfortuntely, whether it is likes of Yelp! or UberEats, the current option for restaurants to market to eaters is either too costly or not effective. This result in most restaurants close door after grand opening.

Through our tokenomics incentives, we engage eaters and enhances their dining out experience with eat and earn and convert restaurant marketing dollars into real reward dollars for verified eaters.

Milestone 1 - Web3 Lifestyle App

Given above, we will build our Web3 eat and earn lifestyle app first, which again will attract users to dine in physical restaurant locations as they earn.

Milestone 2 - Marketing Platform for Restaurants

As we amass foodies and drive them to eat and earn, we will open up opportunities for restaurants to market to eaters in the following forms:

  1. Feature listing - Restaurant operators can draw attention to their location with featured listing within Plato Eats mobile app
  2. Outbound marketing via SMS - Restaurant operator can market new dishes, locations, specials to targeted eaters via SMS.
  3. Branded NFT - Along with Plato, restaurant operators can create Branded NFT for their eateries and sell NFT to their customers.

Milestone 3 - In-app food ordering / table reservation

Once we get the user inside our app and engage in earning tokens and spending tokens, the next is to turn on in-app food ordering and table reservations.

Why? Milestone 1 is about acquiring and attracting eaters using our tokens and tokenomics. In short, we are giving away value in tokens to attract eaters. With Milestone 2, we want the users to create value by ordering food and reserving tables. Plato is then redirecting real world value that would have gone to DoorDash/UberEats back to eaters and restaurants. Opportunity for restaurants to let users redeem DINE tokens for food and other restaurant NFT badges is an exciting development that the Core Team is looking forward to developing.