The COVID19 pandemic has caused ~10% to 25% of restaurants to close. For the ones that have survived, business isn’t peachy. Plato initially started because the coreteam was appalled by the commissions that the likes of DoorDash and UberEats were charging the restaurants. While we are driving people back to restaurants with our Plato app, we want to do more!

Users who earn DINE and/or have PLTO tokens can choose to contribute and donation their earnings to help restaurants. We aim to create “Save a restaurant” Fund where PLTO holders will be able to vote on which resaturants and how much Plato Tresury will donate to. There will also be other charity and organizations, such as the Independent Restaurant Coalition, that users can donate their earnings to.

Donation (Coming Soon)

Plato users will have the option to donate their DINE to a restaurant charity that Plato works with (i.e. - Independent Restaurant Coalition, JamesBeard ) or directly to the restaurant of their choice.