In this section, we define how the DINE token are rewarded and allocated.

DINE Token Reward Calculation

DINE token rewards are earned in a few ways:

Verified Eater Content Rewards (VEC)

For verified review content creation the consists of videos and photos. Verified means that consumer has uploaded a receipt from the dining experience and have been validated by Plato’s automatic anti-cheating mechanism.

  • Rf (reputation factor) below encapsulates number of content reviews, followers, confirmed restaurants you have eaten at + number of likes, your spending at restaurants - which is total amount that you’ve spent at restaurant (scanned receipts) and total time spent eating at restaurant via Plato.

Residual Rewards aka Word of Mouth (WoM)

For verified review content a user creates, if someone favorite restaurant from that post or liked the post and then visit the restaurant in a later date, the original create will be earning Residual Earning.

Boost Rewards

In additional to VCC and WoM rewards, there are boosters below

  • First to review boost - earn this reward for being the first one to create a review content at a restaurant
  • Ambassador Badge boost - earn this reward boost if user holds Ambassador Badge (for onboarding the restaurant as marketing partner)
  • Cuisine Connoisseur boost - earn this reward boost if user has dined at 10 different restaurant of the same cuisine.